The Best Motorcycle Batteries (Review & Buying Guide)

ExpertPower Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Lithium Battery

Chrome Battery YTX14-BS

Light, agile, easy to park, with little consumption and low environmental impact. A motorbike is one of the few settings of transport that provides such benefits. When using, additionally you enter a remarkable world; the bicycle goes beyond being truly a simple mode of transportation, with it each trip is an instant of pleasure, and individual independence that offers the pleasure of dynamic balance. However, without a great motorcycle battery, you won’t get to enjoy the excitement you long for, regardless of how top notch your cycle is. If you anticipate it to assist you whatsoever, the electric battery you devote your bike must hold up for a long time, which explains why we have developed a summary of the best motorbike batteries currently available on the market, simply for you.

THE VERY BEST Motorcycle Electric battery

Meet our first and highly suggested on our list of the best motorcycle battery, the ExpertPower EXP1270. It is everything you would want and more in a battery for your motorcycle. Sit back and watch this battery function its magic without the type of interruption. The EXP1270 is certainly often found in house security alarm systems and wire boxes, and it is a standard size 12-volt electric battery. It is generally preferred over various other types of cells for popular applications such as uninterruptible-power-systems and security systems, mainly because of its small size. To protect against leaks and spills, this lead acid battery comes in a casing developed from a hardened ABS plastic, while offering a long support life and high currents on demand utilizing the Absorbent Cup Technology.

Don’t allow tough exterior from the EPX1270 place you off, as it’s not really been made to be a good little bit sensitive. Not to get worried though, as it’s bound to be one of your very best friends in no time. There is an excellent fibreglass mat that immobilises the acid found in this battery. This allows for trouble-free operation in any orientation, along with its spill-proof feature. Cells produced by ExpertPower are the most reliable in the business, and the power you receive off their batteries can’t be compared to every other. The materials of the external case of the 12v motorcycle battery pack continues to be crafted to withstand vibration, shock, high temperature and chemical substances. The EPX1270 is certainly exceptionally user-friendly, Supplying an easy one-time installation and no need for maintenance over time.

12Volt 2Ampere Smart Charger

20 Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery

  • Brand ExpertPower
  • Model EXP1270
  • Excess weight 4.3 pounds

The Battery Tender Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery follows the ExpertPower battery closely in second place. It frequently replaces the Yuasa Electric battery, and despite having the significant cost difference, this electric battery lasts doubly lengthy as the Yuasa. Certainly a cell created to provide users great affordability, this battery begins like any various other battery but weighs less, probably a portion of the OEM. These batteries are used in power sports applications such as ATV’S, motorcycles, lawn mowers, scooters, personal watercraft and power vehicles since they have been developed to act as substitutes for AGM, Flooded and gel cell business lead acid batteries. In comparison with a lead acid solution battery pack, this Lithium motorbike battery pack possesses up to five situations the life span of any lead-acid electric battery and weighs up to 80 % lighter.

To match multiple size battery boxes with ease, this battery comes with foam spacers. The installation process is a breeze since this AGM motorcycle battery can be mounted in any direction and also features quad terminal construction. The best strength possessed by this battery is its capability to keep a charge in every seasons, specifically the cold lengthy winter times. When buying cell to get, do have a look at this electric battery from Battery Sensitive and you will not become disappointed. It is your motorcycle’s partner for life.

Replaces Yuasa Battery: YIX30L-BS

80 per cent lighter

up to 5X the life of a lead acid electric battery

match multiple size battery boxes

  • Brand Battery Tender
  • Model BTL35A480C
  • Fat 8.27 pounds

Chrome Battery pack has turn out using the YTX covered AGM motorcycle battery pack, a standard rechargeable, power sports battery pack that fits very easily in a number of applications, from plane skis, motorcycles, ATVs and many more with ease. The acid inside this battery allows for a spill-proof battery which needs little to no maintenance since it been constructed with Soaked up Cup Mat technology. Its expanded life can be assured via the current presence of a copyrighted covered post made to prevent corrosion. Once your electric battery has been sent to you, it’s prepared to operate since it constantly comes fully billed. Get ready to go at the earliest opportunity by directly linking your electric battery to its meant application.

The AGM electric battery developed by Stainless- battery can be crafted with absorbed glass mat technology and lead calcium alloy, materials that allow for high-performance and utterly maintenance-free operation. To ensure the complete safety of users and those they touch through their applications, all components used because of this electric battery are examined rigorously to make sure that they may be of the best quality. All testing were carried out also make sure that components are OEM compatible, highly effective and will lead to optimal performance for a long time. A great feature possessed by the sealed AGM motorcycle battery is its rechargeable ability. This battery can be recharged many times before being replaced, which means the full total price of ownership can be drastically low. Because of this particular electric battery, it could be recharged up to 2,000 moments before it requires to be changed.

The terminals utilized for this electric battery are made of copper and are proven to be durable and sturdy enough to resist pressure, wear and torquing. Copper was explicitly chosen to ensure a high performance as well as to promote electrical conductivity. Concerning maintenance, no filling up or drinking water check is essential, as the electric battery comes already billed and covered. The sealed building alongside the controlled valve ensures secure usage in virtually any portable device and any position.

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rechargeable, powersport battery

Absorbed Glass Mat technology

Guaranteed 18-month warranty

  • Brand CB Chrome Battery
  • Weight 10.73 pounds

The Throttlex Battery is the perfect choice for you personally if you’re looking for something with much longer battery lifestyle and power that’s above ordinary. This battery is certainly non-spillable, comes covered and requirements no form of maintenance once purchased. Also an AGM battery, its power output will always meet and sometimes exceed the power demands of your ride without the need for a refill. This is a feature many users love, causing these to keep returning to get more after many years of use. The battery comes with an incredibly long operation lifestyle because of its sulfation resistant plates, while all likelihood of leakage are extinguished using the provision of the spill-proof heat covered cover. The Throttlex power sports battery is usually ready when you are, as it holds voltage longer due to its premium sealed nature.

You may think your vehicle’s initial battery is all you need, but this ADX12-BS is usually a motorcycle battery tender that fits and often surpasses the specifications of several original batteries. It is because it’s been created with components of severe quality and extremely professional build, and these elements also enable this battery to take pleasure from meagre discharge prices and a protracted lifestyle, which many users like. Obtain Throttlex and revel in your ride with confidence.

Ready to Install

Advanced Lead Calcium Technology

  • Brand ThrottleX Batteries
  • Model ADX12-BS
  • Excess weight 10 pounds

The Yuasa Battery is developed by one of the largest motorcycle battery producers operating in the world. It is a new generation of maintenance-free batteries backed by over fifty years of study and engineering knowledge, undertaken by many professionals to make sure an extended and trouble-free provider as well as high-quality structure. With this electric battery, you don’t have for periodic maintenance, as their use of soaked up glass mat separators, advanced technology in battery production, eliminates the need ever to include water.

When found in standby setting, the Yuasa Electric battery can go much longer between costs, like winter storage. Made in the USA, it features a 270 CCA, an included acid pack, a full year manufacturer’s warranty and a battery can’t be returned once it’s been installed. This Harley battery fully describes the term “install it and neglect it”. No truer terms have ever been spoken.

Sealed and spill-proof

No need to ever add water

Battery supplied dry with acid bottle

  • Brand Yuasa
  • Model YUAM320BS
  • Weight 14.85 pounds

Chrome Battery has come out with the YTX14-BS sealed AGM motorcycle battery, a rechargeable, power sports battery that fits effortlessly in a variety of applications with ease. The YTX14-BS features smart technology, which include an LED display that can alert you of a minimal voltage or can help you read the electric battery alternator voltage easily. In addition, it features iGel electric batteries filled up with gel electrolytes. These ensure that all operations undertaken are maintenance-free for as long as you use the battery. Once purchased, this product from Chrome Battery is ready to be used, as it comes fully charged with an easy application process. To protect against leaks and spills, this smart gel-filled battery comes in a casing developed from hardened plastic material, while offering an extended service existence and high currents on demand utilizing the Absorbent Cup Technology.

It may seem your vehicle’s first battery is all you have to, but this YTX14-BS can be a gel motorbike battery that meets and often exceeds the specifications of many original batteries. This is because it’s been developed with materials of extreme quality and highly professional artistry, and these factors also allow this battery to enjoy meagre discharge prices and a protracted lifestyle, which many users like.


Covered AGM Motorcycle Battery pack

  • Brand Stainless Battery
  • Model YTX14-BS iGel
  • Fat 9.92 pounds

The ZPZ electric battery is another standard rechargeable AGM power sports activities battery. As mentioned earlier, it’s been built using the ingested cup mat technology which means that you’re in ownership of the spill-proof electric battery which requires low-maintenance. The ZPC-YT14-BS is an extremely versatile battery that can fit into a variety of applications, ranging from jet skis, motorcycles, ATVs amongst others. Name your trip; this battery may take treatment of it. Unquestionably a cell developed to offer users great value for money, this battery starts like any additional electric battery but weighs less, probably a portion of the OEM.

All checks were carried out also ensure that materials are OEM compatible, highly effective and will lead to optimal performance for a long time. A great feature possessed with the covered AGM motorcycle battery pack is its standard rechargeable ability. This little motorcycle battery could be recharged often before being changed, which means the full total cost of ownership is definitely drastically low. For this particular battery, it can be recharged up to 2,000 instances before it needs to be replaced.

Covered AGM Motorcycle Electric battery

  • Brand ZPC Electric battery
  • Model ZPC-YTX14-BS
  • Weight 9.92 pounds

The MX20L battery developed by Motorcycle battery is crafted to offer users with much more than just performance. Designed after endless research moments specifically for riding fans, the MX20L cell can be crafted with consumed cup mat technology which allows for high-performance and absolutely maintenance-free operation. To guarantee the full protection of users and the ones they come into contact with through their applications, all materials used for this battery are tested rigorously to ensure that they are of the highest quality. This AGM type battery is unique as its power output will always satisfy and sometimes go beyond the power needs of your trip with no need for a fill up or maintenance.

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That is a feature many users love, causing them to keep coming back for more after years of usage. The battery has an extremely long operation life while all chances of leakage are extinguished with the provision of a spill-proof heat sealed cover. Cells made by Motorbike Battery will be the most reliable available, and the result you receive off their batteries can’t be compared to every other. The materials of the battery’s external case continues to be crafted to withstand vibration, shock, high temperature and chemical substances. The MX20L is certainly extremely user-friendly, with a straightforward one-time installation no need for maintenance over time.

Maintenance Free – Fully Charged – Ready to Install

Exceeds Specifications of Original Electric battery

12 Month Free Replacement Warranty

AGM (Soaked up Cup Mat) Non-Spillable Covered Technology

  • Brand ThrottleX Electric batteries

No real matter what other manufacturers state, the ACDelco Area of expertise batteries and everything batteries made by ACDelco will be the criteria regarding functionality. These batteries will be the best answer when the first is in need of cells with a reliable starting power. No matter the application it’s going to be used for, be it industrial, recreational, automotive or marine, the speciality AGM battery from ACDelco guarantees to meet and possibly exceed all of your desires with very little to no work, with its Benefit, Professional, Heavy-Duty and Voyager offerings. This electric battery is normally crafted after comprehensive research provides been undertaken to make sure that they match expectations for type, suit and function, elements that promise users of great worth and top quality. This brand can be a reliable one globally, specifically among GM automobiles. Annually, parts made by ACDelco come in GM automobiles, giving them plenty of backing in the wonderful world of quality and durability.

The Specialty power sports battery can be a maintenance-free electric battery that doesn’t need any type of liquid after the battery continues to be sealed. It really is delivered dry and includes a distinct acid pack. To ensure very long shelf life, this battery requires an initial charge before installation. Be sure to take extra care after handling this battery.

Convenient acid bottle for the correct amount of battery acid

Absorbed Glass Mat design

  • Brand ACDelco
  • Model ATX20LBS
  • Pounds 14.2 pounds

The ultimate addition to the list of greatest motorcycle batteries may be the Shorai Lithium Battery. The process of starting up a sensitive to lead-acid electric batteries is a standard thing for some power sports fans, which explains why they want this lithium ion motorbike battery. These electric batteries are recognised internationally among the most potent however lightest replacement electric batteries obtainable. The Shorai electric batteries usually do not sulfate as their capability drops, and they also possess a much slower self-discharge that many lead-acid batteries on the market and this causes many users and professionals to refer to the Shorai as the ultimate “deep routine” battery. Which means that the electric battery can crank your automobile even with a minimal capability. A fully billed Shorai electric battery can retain sufficient starting capacity, even after an entire year, without any damage coming to the cell. Charging of this battery is needed just after six to a year of usage, with regards to the average storage temperature and the rate of utilization.

Some of the features assigned to the Shorai battery are its manufacturing plant activation, super-fast charge rate, fast cranking, two-year warranty, adhesive back foam sheets, and zero sulfation, not forgetting its environmentally-friendly constituents that protect the environment and all users in general.

Extremely Light Weight

Higher Voltage and more CCA

Makes maintenance easy

  • Brand Shorai
  • Model 423806
  • Pounds 1.98 pounds

Best Motorbike Battery Buying Guidebook & FAQ

Features to consider When Investing in a Motorcycle Electric battery

  • Covered or Unsealed

You can find various kinds of batteries designed for motorcycles on the market today; thus, it is incredibly critical that you know the exact nature meant for your bike. The easiest way to do this is to check your current motorbike battery and take note all the required specifications you’ll need. In the pursuit for the best and perfect battery, many people look out for various things, but the motorcycle battery price is what tops everyone’s list. We all look for batteries we can afford that can also provide us with satisfactory performance. If you have no idea of what precisely to consider you may be overwhelmed by all of the options available. Electric batteries are usually categorised according with their form, size and amperage rankings. Other categories consist of unsealed, covered and rechargeable electric batteries.

Sealed electric batteries are the ones that will be ready to use upon purchase; thus, they don’t need any maintenance. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, may require some form of support even though it won’t be as regular as standard devices. Before a replacement is needed, some batteries can be recharged up to 1 1,000 occasions. Looking at your motorcycles current cell can help you save from spending extra cash on the rechargeable battery if it is not really needed.

  • Size and Materials

The capacity of a electric battery is another crucial element to consider before a purchase. It is recommended that you examine the sizes of your current battery and this will enable you to find one which fits properly. If a electric battery is too large, you stand the chance of harming your bike, therefore finding the ideal match is normally of high importance. If the electric battery is too little, additionally, it may hurt your bike, rattle around and may not even reach the cables.

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The building of motorcycle batteries requires several materials are used in. These materials must be durable; thus, you will discover that many of them come with excess weight. An added tip is to consider versions that feature resistance to pressure, vibration and heat.

The average voltage possessed by motorbike batteries can be 12-volts. That is to get a full-sized bicycle therefore; six volts will become perfect for a smaller sized model. Research on your own current electric battery, listing all of the specs of its electric battery and voltage to make sure that you obtain another model with the same specs, to avoid damaging your bike. Batteries help motorcycles the way our hearts help us; they help get the cycle moving. This is why it is an entity that must not be played with. Using a battery with a voltage lower than what your bike needs will certainly reduce its efficiency and stop it from carrying out at its maximum, likewise in the event that you purchase a electric battery with an increased voltage.

  • Cool Cranking Amps & EFFICIENCY

The CCA or the Chilly Cranking Amps & EFFICIENCY refers to the amount of amps a battery delivers for 30 seconds at 32 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining 1.2 volts per cell. You might consider opting for a battery with a higher CCA if your bike takes a while to start or is slightly older. Getting a electric battery with lower amps may be the most suitable choice for newer versions which have just a few mls on its engine.

The entire performance from the electric battery is one more thing that must definitely be taken into account before a buy. The lower the power, the more regularly it must be charged. Know your driving style and get a battery with an overall performance to suit it. You wouldn’t desire to be constantly charging your electric battery while on an extended riding trip. Not merely will it waste materials your time, however it will reduce the lifespan of the battery.

  • Life expectancy

Using a long-lasting battery is excellent, as it means you don’t have to think of a replacement for some time. When looking for such a electric battery, consider those manufactured from high-quality materials that may resist extended put on and those that have a low self-discharge rate. Averagely, most batteries have a lifetime of 500-1200 cycles, and this can change based on how it’s stored and just how much it is utilized.

The Best Motorcycle Batteries (Review & Buying Guide)

Types of Motorbike Electric batteries

  • Moist Lead Acid Battery pack

This is known as the flooded lead-acid electric battery. It’s the commonly used electric battery type which takes a regular topping of distilled drinking water to prevent electric battery damage.

  • Gel Cell Electric battery

This is a sealed battery type which is filled with gel electrolytes. Unlike the wet lead acid, these batteries do not require maintenance once covered, and they’re not really susceptible to spillage or corrosion.

The consumed glass battery can be a common kind of lead-acid electric battery found in motorcycles. It really is sealed similar to the gel electric battery thus; it needs no type of maintenance. That is less expensive compared to the gel electric batteries, even though it delivers similar performance.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – What Does It Mean?

The CCA or the Cold Cranking Amps & Overall Performance is merely the power you need to start your engine and the power that can be produced by your battery.

Motorcycle Battery Life Expectancy

Most electric battery manufacturers will concur that on typically, motorcycle electric batteries should last for at least 48 a few months. Basic maintenance-free electric batteries offer a lengthy service life and so are suitable for versions with solid vibrations. However, electric batteries that want maintenance generally have a standard lifestyle much lower than those without maintenance but require precautions in handling to avoid possible spills of acid.

Best Motorcycle Battery FAQ:

The Best Motorcycle Batteries (Review & Buying Guide)

Q: How do I install a motorcycle battery?

A: The process of installing a motorcycle battery doesn’t need many steps. Finding your battery is the first, vital step. Remove the bolt from your ground/negative cable by using the appropriate size outlet and protected it from metals as well as the positive cable.

Continue doing this step using the positive wire before getting rid of your old battery pack. Place the brand new electric battery in and reversely do it again all earlier actions, but this time, attach the positive wire before linking the bad one.

Q: How should I maintain my motorcycle electric battery?

A: As stated earlier, not all types of batteries require maintenance. Maintenance, however, is essential for conventional motorbike electric batteries to maintain them in exceptional functioning condition. The initial tip is to attempt visual checks frequently, usually monthly. Verify the connectors to make sure that none gets loose, and clean the terminals whenever dirt accumulates. Charge your electric battery at least every week, and keep an eye on the water levels at least twice a month.

Q: Does a new motorcycle battery need to be charged?

A: Most often, new batteries are charged before a buy therefore, charging it soon after it has been bought isn’t required.

Q: MAY I overcharge a motorbike electric battery?

A: Overcharging your electric battery is not recommended, as it could damage the electric battery and ultimately influence your ride. It is recommended that you use a smart motorcycle battery charger when it’s time to charge your battery, to prevent it from overcharging.

Our Top Pick

The first and most recommended battery on our list is the EPX1270, an exceptionally user-friendly, motorcycle electric battery that provides users a straightforward one-time installation no dependence on maintenance as time passes.

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