The Best Convertible Car Seats (Review)

Graco Extend2Suit Convertible CARSEAT

Chicco NextFit iX Zip Convertible Car Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat

If you have young children, you may obviously want to do everything that you can to make sure that these are safe in the automobile with you. And among the products that you should consider buying the very best convertible carseat. When you have hardly ever noticed one before, this is actually the kind of chair used rear-facing whenever your child can be an infant, before switching to a forward-facing style as they get older.

Before you go racing off to buy one of these products, it is well worth knowing a little bit more about what you are investing in. We have chosen 10 possible options for you to consider, and here is a little bit more information about all of them.


Made to make sure that your kid rides properly and easily in the car alongside you, this convertible car seat features a 6-position recline to suit various toddlers and babies. Your child’s comfort and ease is also important, which is why there is a 10-placement headrest.

Easy to adjust, you are able to set the elevation of the funnel and headrest within a motion. It’s been completely crash examined for safety reasons, which means you can be confident of its quality.

Selection of adaptable features

Plush, machine washable chair pad

Offers improved legroom

  • Brand Graco
  • Model 1963212
  • Pounds 23.7 pounds

All it requires to set up this Britax car seat in your vehicle is the simple buckling of the seatbelt. The funnel adjusts to 14 different positions, as well as the buckle ties in two different positions to fit your growing kid.

Obviously, among your most important concerns if you are buying a carseat is that it’s safe, which Britax convertible carseat features yet another layer of aspect impact security, a steel body, and basics which absorbs influence.

Easy set up – no rethreading needed

Seven recline positions

Several defensive features

Removable cushion included

  • Brand Britax
  • Model E1A385R
  • Pounds 28.4 pounds

Manufactured in this USA, the convertible carseat has been designed to meet or exceed all federal safety standards, as well as the Evenflo side impact test grade. Both compact and lightweight, several different designs are available, so you know that it will appear good in your vehicle.

Your son or daughter keeps growing quickly, as well as the manufacturers behind the product possess considered this because they build in four different funnel positions and two crotch buckle positions. The pad is certainly completely machine washable, and the top pillow is detachable for elevated support and ease and comfort.

Side influence tested

Upfront changeable harness

Removable mind pillow

  • Brand Evenflo
  • Model 38111190
  • Fat 9.29 pounds

Basic safety and comfort have already been combined in this convertible car seat. First of all, it has been tested to offer side impact protection. There is also plenty of padding and cushioning to ensure a comfortable ride, as well as two integrated cup holders.

The QuickFit harness continues to be designed to enable you to adjust the funnel and headrest within a movement. The chair pad is normally both machine washable and dryer secure if you want to completely clean it.

3-in-1 car seat designed to grow

Side effect protection

Harness and headrest both adaptable

Padding and cushioning for comfort and ease

  • Brand Security 1st
  • Model CC138DWU
  • Fat 18.7 pounds

This convertible carseat is designed to give you years of utilization as your child grows. You will find four different positions which the seat can take depending on the size and excess weight of your child. Whichever one you choose, it features a six-position recline for maximum comfort.

When you come to installing the car seat in your vehicle, you can either use the seat belt or latch system, as both are similarly safe to make use of.

4-in-1 adjustable car seat depending on child size

Adapt the funnel and headrest without rethreading

Keep your son or daughter more comfortable with six-position recline

  • Brand Graco
  • Model 1948314
  • Pounds 23 pounds

Having a completely new LockSure automobile belt-tightening system, you are able to adjust the match to fit your developing child. The top rest adjusts into nine different positions, and tensing is really as easy as an individual draw.

You can find two amounts which enable you to correctly indicate the chair angle. If you want to wash the seat, you can simply zip off the seat pad and put it in the machine.

Nine different recline positions

  • Brand Chicco
  • Model 06079672000070
  • Weight 25 pounds

A great adjustable car seat for smaller vehicles, it has been designed to accommodate children ranging between 5 and 65 pounds in the different rear and forward-facing modes. Security is obviously one of your primary concerns, and this seat offers a high level of aspect impact security

For the top rest, it really is straightforward to regulate as required. At the front end is certainly a five-point funnel which really helps to make sure that your little one is certainly strapped in wonderful and firmly.

Changeable five-point funnel

Side influence protection for extra security

Detachable body cushion and cup holder

  • Brand Security 1st
  • Model CC078BJB
  • Excess weight 15 pounds

Since this car seat accommodates children weighing between 5 and 110 pounds, it promises to be the only car seat that you will ever need. Put the seat into three different positions depending on the size of the kid.

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You are able to set it up into your automobile in just a matter of 60 secs. It also comes with an expandable glass holder which was created to suit drinks of most sizes. The foam liner is normally energy-absorbing and made to increase comfort and ease and security.

Designed to be a long-lasting car seat for as long as you need it

Advanced energy absorption and safety zone

Installable within 60 mere seconds

  • Brand Evenflo
  • Model 34611709
  • Excess weight 24 pounds

A car seat which adjusts into three different positions to suit children weighing between 5 and 120 lbs, the head and side effect protection offered is designed to give your child an extra coating of protection while you are vacationing with them in the automobile.

You are able to install and adjust this carseat easily, looked after folds apart for easy storage space. The fabric which it really is created with can be easy to eliminate and clean in the device.

Adjustable carseat in three different positions

Mind and side effect protection

Easy to set up and clean

  • Brand Diono
  • Model 50010
  • Pounds 28.1 pounds

As you can plainly see from the look of this car seat, it is extra-comfortable and offers a highly cozy place for your child to sit while they are riding in the car with you. The chest clip is easy to secure and unlock just using one hand.

The AirProtect system is designed to present side impact safety. Aswell as premium materials and cushioning, the seat pads are made to offer a higher level of convenience.

ClipQuik auto-magnetic upper body clip

Useful deal with holders keep straps out the way

High-quality fabrics, cushions, and padding

  • Brand Maxi-Cosi
  • Model CC213EMJ
  • Fat 23.7 pounds

Greatest Convertible Car Seat Buying Guideline

What is a Convertible CARSEAT?

Before you decide to invest in the very best young child car seat, it seems sensible which you have an improved idea what one happens to be in the first place! Obviously, you will have an idea about what a child car seat is definitely, but this one adjusts into two or more different positions. First of all, you can use it in rear-facing setting whenever your baby can be an infant. Whenever your child starts to increase, you can change it towards the forward-facing young child car seat mode.

Most either have two different belt-routing systems or a LATCH belt. Some of the above models which we have discussed change into one or two further positions, transforming to a booster seat so your child will keep on utilizing it until they no more need an automobile seat.

The Best Convertible Car Seats (Review)

What things to Consider When Investing in a Convertible CARSEAT

Before you click that switch to purchase your convertible carseat, it is well worth taking a stage back again to make several crucial considerations, as well as looking at the convertible car seat reviews. After all, you want to end up with a product that you will be happy with, rather than one that you’ve to come back.

  • Automobile Compatibility

The very last thing that you would like is to buy your sparkly new car seat, only to find that it is not compatible with your vehicle. Older cars are likely to not have the LATCH (Lower Anchors & Tethers for Children) system, so you should check if the seat only attaches in this way or it needs something else. Also, you should correctly check the measurements of your vehicle interior. That’s where a little bit of calculating will go quite a distance. Compare your automobile dimensions with the automobile chair dimensions. If you’re in question, you should contact the maker for verification about compatibility together with your specific automobile make and model.

Obviously, perhaps one of the most essential considerations to make is that you buy the safest convertible car seat. So, check to see what sort of security features are included to look after your child’s life. Also, it is worth looking at the specific assessments which have been undertaken in more detail, as well as examining the convertible carseat basic safety ratings. In this manner, you should have satisfaction that the merchandise you have obtained is the correct one.

  • Equate to YOUR LIFE STYLE

The approach to life you lead can be going to impact within your decision-making process. For example, if you switch between different cars all the time, you are going to want one which is easy to take out and install from one vehicle to the next. Alternatively, if your son or daughter moves in the same car with you on a regular basis, you might well be more comfortable with a car chair which is more technical and steady in its installation. If you plan on passing down the car seat from one child to the next, you will want to choose one which stands the test of time.

  • Know Your Child’s Size

You will know only too well that your child is growing every day and it could be very difficult to maintain with their elevation and pounds. But convertible child car seats include these guidelines, which is essential that you possess these measurements at heart. Sure, a convertible carseat has the natural advantage of being suitable for children who are all sorts of sizes, but you will still want to know whether they will be in a forward or rear-facing position, and a rough estimate of when you will need to make the change.

  • Understand the Set up Essentials
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A whole lot of child chairs are not set up properly, which really is a frightening fact if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in a vehicle accident. So, it really is worth looking how easy the seat is to install. If there are some online videos, it is worth giving these a watch as well. A properly installed carseat shouldn’t wiggle around an excessive amount of. For the funnel straps, they must be at or below the baby’s shoulder blades, while chest videos should be located at armpit level. So, another feature which will probably be worth evaluating in greater detail may be the adjustability from the straps and how well you are going to be able to secure your child.

One of the main drawbacks of convertible car seats is definitely that they do not offer the same degree of portability as a number of the other options available on the market. Therefore, you will need to appearance how many other features will up the comfort factor of purchasing a seat like this one. For instance, you should check how easy the chair can be to set up and convert in to the different positions. A whole lot of advancements have been made over recent years in this area. Also, you should look at the parts can be washed in the machine, which again makes the task of maintenance slightly bit more simple.

While your son or daughter is in the automobile seat, you desire them to end up being as comfortable as is possible. Not only is certainly this ideal for them, but it may also make your drive much easier as they won’t be fussing all the time! So, check for the pillows, cushions, padding, and other comfort and ease features which promise a cozier ride. Some of the child car seats above also give increased changes for greater knee room, neck of the guitar support etc.

WHY YOU NEED TO Purchase a Convertible CARSEAT

There are a variety of benefits which convertible child car seats give ahead of other car seating options for kids. Here are just a few of them which could help you make your mind up.

  • Higher Excess weight Rating

Convertible car seats need to meet the federal security requirements of other car seats, so you can be confident they have been examined to offer security to your son or daughter in case of an accident. Obviously, you should ensure that they fit easily inside the given weight and elevation limits that your producer provides. Also, you should follow the guidelines closely to make sure that it is correctly installed in your vehicle. Generally, they offer a higher excess weight rating, so your child can stay in the rear-facing position for a longer period of time. Study has shown that this is definitely a safer position for young children to be in, and it provides them with additional protection in the event of an accident.

  • Years of Usage

One of the major advantages of convertible car seats is that you won’t have to keep buying new ones as your child grows. The rear-facing position is suitable for when they are babies, as the front-facing program was created to support small children. There are also some which guarantee up to a decade of usage, so that it find yourself being the just car seat that you’ll ever need. Check the product explanation closely to regulate how longer the seat could be useful for.

Pursuing on from the prior points, since you won’t always be changing your child’s car seat all the time, you will start to develop a sense of familiarity with it. This means that you won’t have to keep learning how to make the adjustments, how to secure your child etc. This sense of familiarity is also important for children too. They’ll feel comfortable if they understand where they’ll be riding every year, and you also won’t need to proceed through any potential annoyed which takes place through the switching of child car seats.


Since a convertible carseat is made for long-term use, you don’t have to worry about continually buying a fresh one as your child grows up. In fact, some of the above products make the promise to become the only car seat that you will ever need. Therefore, if you’re with limited funds, a convertible carseat could end up being the better choice than a number of the other similar options out there.

HOW EXACTLY TO Clean a Convertible CARSEAT

Everybody knows that kids could be messy. Ensuring your child’s convertible carseat is properly cleansed is an important task. Dirt, debris, and other harmful bacteria can start to accumulate – especially if your child is definitely eating and drinking while using the seat. So, here are some cleaning tips you could follow.

  • Consider the Seat Out of the Car

First up, you should remove the seat from your car entirely. Most convertible child car seats are easy to unclip, which means this shouldn’t create an excessive amount of a challenge. A whole lot of dirt and particles can gather within the car seat, as well as with the seat itself.

  • Check for Machine Washable Parts
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Lots of the convertible child car seats that we possess discussed above possess certain parts which can be thrown in the washing machine. These are usually detachable and clearly marked, so make sure that you only put in the parts which are ideal for machine cleaning as you don’t desire to risk leading to any harm. Also, you should check what type of cycle these are ideal on, and whether you are able to put them in the dryer or if you can hang them out to air dry.

  • Vacuum Up Crumbs

To get rid of the larger dirt particles, you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. It really is easier if you are using one which includes handheld accessories as this will actually enable you to enter all of the creases and crevices where crumbs could possibly be hiding. Don’t forget to hoover your car as well, especially if your child has been eating in this spot.

  • Use a Gentle Bristled Brush for Scrubbing

As for the main area of the child car seat, you should use a soft bristled brush plus some laundry detergent to provide it an excellent scrubbing around. A simple place to do that task is within your bath tub as you get access to water, and you can simply wash aside the dirt and debris which you clean off. Check for creases in the cover to make sure that there isn’t anything caught inside. To do a thorough job, you are going to need to take care of all the straps, harnesses, and anywhere else which is simple to ignore.

After an effective cleaning session, your vehicle seat will get wet, which means you need to pick the best place to dried out it in. You should attempt to choose a location which can be well-ventilated. Otherwise, it’s very easy for fungus to build up. Since that is a large, chunky item, chances are to have a long time to dry, so you are better off starting the task of cleaning in the morning and giving yourself a whole day for it to properly dry.

Best Convertible CARSEAT FAQ:

Q: Are convertible child car seats safer than baby child car seats?

A: Baby car seats certainly are a good choice for new-born babies, but they don’t have the advantage of being switchable, meaning that you will have to buy a new car seat after they have outgrown it. Many new-born babies of average or larger size can suit in the convertible carseat, and so long as these are secure, these are properly safe inside. Determine if the convertible carseat comes with brand-new born padding. It’s important that your son or daughter fits comfortably inside the harness straps available. Of course, infant car seats are designed to contain the smallest of children safely, so if you would like to make the switch from infant seat to convertible seat, this is a perfectly viable choice to make.

Q: When must i place my baby within a convertible carseat?

A: When you have selected to put your infant in an baby car seat, you will need to change them at the right period. They will ultimately get to the idea when they have outgrown the highest height and excess weight of the infant car seat arranged by the manufacturer. Generally, this comes between nine and 18 months, but check the guidelines to be certain. Babies should be rear-facing in the back seat until the age of two, as research has shown that they are much less likely to be severely or fatally injured.

Q: How long do convertible car seats last?

A: Most convertible car seats are designed to last between six and 10 years. Obviously, every chair includes a different expiration day, so it will probably be worth looking at beforehand or getting in touch with the manufacturer for a few more details info. You might be questioning why child car seats expire to begin with. There are a number of different factors at work here. Firstly, there is the natural deterioration of materials due to heat, humidity, and age. Secondly, rust can form on the metal sections, which will impact how the seat performs in the event of a crash. Addititionally there is the overall deterioration which takes place through regular cleaning, tightening up of straps, and switching from front-facing to rear-facing positions. It’s very easy for parts and pieces to get lost over the years, and as certain models are discontinued, you may no longer be able to get replacements from the manufacturers.

The Best Convertible Car Seats (Review)

Our Top Pick and choose

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

Ideal for kids weighing between four and 65 lb, this Graco carseat is our choose of the number. The four-position expansion panel permits yet another five in . of leg area, which is fantastic for a quickly developing child.

To keep your child comfortable, there is a 6-position recline feature and a 10-point headrest which is usually easily adjustable. You can adjust the harness as well as the headrest within a movement. The LATCH program allows for simple installation.

For all of us, it ticks all of the boxes, which explains why it comes tightly at the top of our list.

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