The Best 6?9 Speakers For Your Car (Review)

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1692

JBL GTO939 High quality Co-Axial Speaker

Just as with any component of your car, if you really want to increase performance you might have to consider an up grade. After all, the typical speakers which come outfitted in your automobile are great – up to point.

But if you’d like superior audio and banging bass lines, after that upgrading to the very best 6?9 loudspeaker could be a great expenditure. For their size and style, you may get great audio quality from a comparatively small expenditure – causeing this to be type of loudspeaker a preferred amidst car audio aficionados. How will you tell genuine in the pretenders? Fortunately, you don’t possess as well, because we’ve performed it for you personally.

THE VERY BEST 6?9 Audio speakers

This loudspeaker is area of the fabled Rockford group of Audio speakers, Amplifiers and Sub – Woofers marketed beneath the “Punch” series label – and guy does this loudspeaker surpass it’s name! If you’re after a speaker that may keep speed with also the most frenetic, bass large tunes, then this may be it.

It’s all right down to the structure from the Cone – or more specifically how the cone itself is definitely attached to the unit housing. The polypropylene constructed cone is definitely attached via a unique method we’ve by no means seen on a contemporary speaker. This has provided for around 25% more surface area, which in turn provides those deeper base notes and an overall excellent performance.

Price wise we’re toward the upper end of the pack here – yes, there are cheaper speakers on the market but frankly, for the price, you’re getting an awful lot of quality sound here.

150 Watts Max Power

60Hz – 22kHz Frequency Response

  • Brand Rockford
  • Model P1692
  • Weight 8.3 lbs

Pioneer is of course a huge and well-respected name in the world of car audio systems. This is one of two Pioneer models that have managed to get onto our list in fact, testimony to the overall quality of this brand.

This model, the TS-A6966R is the cheaper of the two models on this list, but don’t let that fool you! This model is truly a re-working of a mature Pioneer design, so that it may appear familiar to audio fans. This model right now includes a fresh multiplayer cone supported having a diaphragm made of professional materials previously just found on even more top quality (and more costly) Pioneer versions.

Thus giving you the sound efficiency you would anticipate from a far more costly speaker to get a fraction of the price of a high-end speaker. If you’re maybe looking to try out your first speaker upgrade, this is a good beginner option.

420 Watts Max Power

Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone Design

Small And Compact

  • Brand Pioneer
  • Model TS-A6966R
  • Weight 2.71 lbs

This model is usually custom made to replace the rear deck speakers that your car rolled out the manufacturing plant equipped with – that is why they come in pairs. If you’re looking to replace initial speakers with aftermarket models then you need an increase in performance, right?

You’ll get it with these speakers. Polyester foam surrounds are used to support polypropylene constructed cones. This is not the high end material you will get in more expensive models, however they still work very well together to provide decent bottom and excellent efficiency – a 92dB awareness rating is proof this.

It’s also value directing out they turn out the container with all the current connectors, cables and housing producing them supremely easy to match. Price wise they are quite definitely toward the low end, producing them an inexpensive but impressive replacement for stock originals.

140 W Top Power

Shows up as a Set

  • Brand Kicker
  • Model DS693
  • Fat 10 pounds
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The first thing that you will notice about this model is usually that they certainly look the part. The nice flat design & black plastic housing will easily allow these speakers to blend in with any in car installation.

Construction smart we’re talking a superior quality, polypropylene cone that is vacuum formed for top level end precision in the completed component. A normal steel basket framework completes the build for a couple of speakers constructed with an even of treatment and using high quality materials that you might not expect because of this good deal.

The drawback is a comparatively low power managing rating of simply 130 watts, easily the lowest upon this list. This means that you will suffer distortion to some extent if you crank the volume all the way to 11. If you’re not too worried about having the loudest speakers on the market however, this model provides excellent quality at anything below loudest volume.

They are a great and cost effective replacement for factory installed speakers if you want the next level of audio without breaking the bank.

130 Watts Maximum Power

Vacuum Polypropylene Cone

Shows up as a Set

  • Brand Rockford
  • Model R169X3
  • Pounds 6.6 lbs

If the Rockford model we talked about above could possibly be accused to be a little underpowered, that’s not a criticism that may be leveled as of this pair of audio speakers – not if they are scored to 550 W of optimum power!

This is actually the second access from Pioneer on this list, and as with the previous one you know you are getting a great build quality when it comes from a company with the reputation that Pioneer possesses.

This a great all round speaker, again designed to seamlessly slot in and replace factory supplied audio speakers. Compared to that end, you get yourself a very unobtrusive level black design which will do it’s work without catching the attention or position out. The purchase price is greater than the various other Pioneer branded loudspeaker upon this list, nevertheless, you do get yourself a higher performance as well.

550 W Potential Power

Shows up as a Set

  • Brand Pioneer
  • Model TS-A6976R
  • Fat 7.35 lbs

JBL are one of the primary names in Sound – although you might not necessarily know them. They provide high quality audio installations in locations like cinemas, sports stadiums and music venues.

What do all of these locations have in common? That’s right – they may be loud! So it should be no surprise that now JBL have branched out into car audio, their offering in the field is going to bring the noise – literally!

Ok, 300 Watts Max Power is not the highest on this list – but it is not the raw power these speakers can boast, but rather how they utilize it that produce them so amazing. They employ immense Cones, which essentially translate to effective vibrations, which equals a louder loudspeaker than you’ll expect to get a device this size.

They aren’t inexpensive – they are actually the second priciest upon this list. But also for that purchase you get yourself a heck of a whole lot of loudspeaker with frankly exceptional audio playback.

Immense Cone for Deep Bass

300 W Maximum Power

  • Brand JBL
  • Model GT0939
  • Weight 8 lbs

Up until now, we’ve discussed out put and bass – which is fine, because most people just want to know that their music is going to sound clear, that there will be no distortion at high volumes and that great bass beat in your favorite song will come through in all it glory.

But what if you are looking for a high fidelity audio item? What if clearness is your essential demand from your own speakers? Well, if you want to hear every notice of your preferred songs then this may be the speaker for you. The Textile Tweeter & Super Tweeter used in this model are combined with a sub-woofer with larger cones than a comparable sized model to provide unequalled audio quality.

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Price wise, well we mentioned above that JBL model was the next most expensive over the list, correct – welcome towards the priciest! This couple of audio speakers costs more than double some of the others on this list. For the premium price however you are definitely getting a high quality product.

Comes as a pair

Larger Cone Sub-Woofer & Textile Tweeter

  • Brand Infinity
  • Model 9623ix
  • Excess weight 7.29 lbs

We proceed from the priciest over the list to the least expensive – but don’t allow that fool you into considering this is an inferior product.

For one thing, by boasting a 500 Watts peak power rating, this model is definitely well up there with the most powerful on this list. But is it equipped to use everything that power? Well, a Polyurethane cone rests within a butyl silicone surround, causeing this to be a far more traditional design speaker than a few of even more technologically advanced upon this list.

For any that though, you getting a speaker with superb audio range, great clarity at low and high levels and a pretty good bass too. At 3.6 pounds per unit (it comes as a pair) these are also on the smaller side compared to some others.

Don’t be misled by its spending budget price – if you need a great hardworking little speaker without breaking the bank then this could be the one for you.

500 Watts Peak Power

  • Brand BOSS
  • Model R94
  • Weight 6.8 lbs

Best 6×9 Speakers Buying Guides & FAQ

There you decide to go, 8 of the greatest 6×9 speakers available on the market. But why select this sort of loudspeaker anyway? Well, 6×9 refers to the size of the speaker unit – it is 6 inches tall and 9 inches long.

Why is that important? Well, it is at this size that this manufactures feel they can get the ideal stability between size and power use. This means, actually, you’re getting the best bargain right here between dollars you may spend as well as the audio quality you obtain.

The Best 6?9 Speakers For Your Car (Review)

Much larger speakers really can start to obtain expensive quickly, aswell as requiring traditions installs and even new wiring to accommodate their high power usage. Small speakers sacrifice cone and Tweeter size. They can’t handle high volumes, sound tinny and have terrible bass.

Therefore 6 x 9 may be the sugary spot. But in the event you consider when shopping for new speakers?

Factors To Look For When Buying 6×9 Speakers

There are several factors that you should bear in mind when shopping around for your new speakers. Of course, one we can’t advise you on are your budget. Inside our list we’ve offered what we experience is an excellent mixture of items to match most finances – from the spending budget entry towards the high priced high quality versions – and a number of in-between.

The greater you may spend doesn’t always equate to even more features – we’ve worked well hard to choose budget versions that bring a lot of bang for your buck. Generally speaking however in addition to price these are the factors that you should consider when selecting which model is right for you.

Overall Build Quality

This is a high tech electrical product. So the overall build quality will have a lot to say both in terms of how well the speaker performs it work, and how lengthy it keeps carrying it out for. Some components are obviously likely to outlast others. The materials how the cone is constructed of, for instance, can play a large component in the life-span of the machine. Some are created are of paper or fabric (or a mixture of both) some are constructed of tough polypropylene plastic material. Guess which lasts much longer?

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That is quite actually the quantity of power the fact that speaker are designed for. It is assessed in W, and the bigger the number allows more wattage (more power) to pass through the unit. A speaker that can handle more power will, in theory, simply be louder than it’s low wattage brother. Turning a low powered speaker up too high will result in a tinny and distorted sound. Of course, some speakers are simply better designed to use their wattage more effectively. These will typically be the higher built (read more costly) models, therefore pure wattage by itself isn’t the only indication of a robust speaker.

Decibel Awareness

Somewhat linked to power, the awareness from the model is certainly a representation of the quantity of power necessary to reach a established volume. You might see it being a mark from the efficiency of the speaker unit. 90dB is considered a great level of sensitivity, and the higher the number climbs above 90, the better sensitivity your speaker has. The higher the sensitivity, the less power is required to reach a certain volume. So speakers with high sensitivity are both louder and able to maintain excellent clarity and audio quality also at higher amounts.


Frequency identifies the number of pitches that may be attained by the loudspeaker. It is known as the regularity response, which is the tag of how high and low the sounds are that can be reproduced from the loudspeakers. Naturally, you want a speaker that has a high degree of rate of recurrence response so it can playback music and accurately recreate all the notes – this is what is known as clarity.

The Best 6?9 Speakers For Your Car (Review)

Common 6×9 Speaker Terms and Ratings

During this article, we’ve used terms like Woofer, Cone and Tweeter. Just in case you aren’t sure what these terms may mean, we’ve put together a short glossary to help.

  • Cone The cone is a key part of these items. It is the concave shape in the center of the speaker. The coil, which sits in the middle helps the cone push air backwards and forwards which creates the sound waves which is everything you are hearing when the loudspeaker is working. Because it is such an integral area of the loudspeaker, it pays to choose a model with an excellent cone. Both size as well as the material could have a large impact on audio quality. A more substantial cone can develop deeper bass.
  • Woofer may be the area of the loudspeaker that grips low frequency sound. It can be a standalone speaker, or it can be a part of a complete audio installation – such as a 6 x 9 speaker. A Sub Woofer is exactly the same, except it can handle even lower frequency noises.
  • Tweeter Woofer is so named since it sounds like a large pet woofing – so that it should be no real surprise a Tweeter can be it’s exact opposing. It grips high frequency audio, just like a bird’s tweet.


Also, it’s well worth directing out that whilst there may be a lot rankings used to spell it out the abilities of the items, to your mind two are key:

  • Wattage – The measurement of the amount of power a speaker can handle. A 6 x 9 speaker can handle anything from 100 to 500 watts of max power. The higher the wattage, generally speaking, the higher the volume.
  • Decibels – This refers to the amount of power required by the speaker to play audio to a certain volume. 90dB is great, higher than that’s better still.

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