How to Fix Bluing on Motorcycle Exhausts

Are you getting fed up with that unsightly blue tinge that is ruining the glistening luster of your motorcycle exhaust? You are not alone. Bike forums are packed with posts from motorcycle fanatics complaining about ‘why do exhaust pipes turn blue’ and wanting to know how to remove bluing from stainless steel. It’s a common problem and is highly irritating.

It is mainly caused by heat penetrating from the inner wall and through the body of the exhaust pipe. When it reaches the chrome surface, the heat causes it to turn blue. Luckily, there’s a simple way to get rid of it and the results are impressive. Here’s how you need to do it.

Essential Steps For Fixing Bluing On Motorcycle Exhausts

Here’s how to remove blue from chrome pipes.

  • Remove debris and dirt

In addition to the blue discoloration, you are very likely to have plenty of dirt and debris on your motorcycle exhaust pipes. This needs to be completely removed before you can go any further.

However, don’t be tempted to use any harsh chemicals to clean your bike, however filthy it is. They could damage the chromium and make the situation worse. The same is true for high pressure water sprays so give them a miss.

Always wait until your bike has completely cooled down before you start. Rinse it with cool water to remove most of the dirt. You can use motorcycle shampoo and a soft cloth to get rid of the remaining dirt and grease but don’t drag the fabric along the surface because that will cause scratches. It is important to take time to remove every last bit of dirt at this stage. Rinse it off with cool water.

microfiber material
  • Dry and dust the exhaust
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Before you go any further, the exhaust must be completely dry and free from dust. To do this you need to invest in a microfiber fabric. You get what you pay for here. The more expensive cloths have more fibers and do a better job so it is worth spending a bit more on them to get a high quality item. Only use one portion of your microfiber material at the same time. To get this done, you will need to fold it in two and then in two again. Thus giving you eight areas for washing which is enough for getting rid of every last speck of dirt from your motorbike exhaust.

  • Polish the pipes

Because of this stage, you will need another microfiber material. Put a number of the polish onto a microfiber material and dab it carefully onto the exhaust tube. After that rub it in to the stainless in little circular movements. Don’t make an effort to hurry this. You will need to focus on one little area at the same time. Concentrate on one rectangular inches and complete it all before you move onto another one. Work with a clean portion of the microfiber for every brand-new section.

Continue until you possess covered every one of the exhaust tube.

  • Buff the exhaust pipes

Finally, you need to use a clean microfiber fabric to buff the pipes. This removes the last traces of polish and perfects the finish. Some people like to wash the exhaust again with motorcycle shampoo before the final buffing.

Things To Bear In Mind About Bluing

There are a few things to bear in mind about this process.

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This process will work best in cool conditions so the pipes do not get too warm. Don’t attempt this job in direct sunlight. Move your bike into the shade or preferably into a garage.

  • Only use liquid polish

Powder polish will not work for this job. It is abrasive and will cause permanent scratches on the chromium of your motorcycle exhaust. With repeated use, it could totally strip from the chrome.

  • Don’t overdo it

Stainless polish functions by getting rid of a thin level of stainless from the very best surface. Therefore, each time you perform this procedure, it makes your chrome coating thinner. For that reason, this is a job that should only be carried out now and again.

microfiber material
  • Don’t expect miracles

Sometimes it is not possible to achieve the perfect results. You may find the chrome plating offers completely burnt off and the blue color that you can see is the nickel that is left over from your chrome plating process.

  • Re-chroming is an option

If you are not happy with the appearance of the exhausts, it is possible to have the chromium applied once again.

  • Cover it over

Some owners choose to hide the problem. Plastic material or stainless coverings are feasible options. They can be purchased in many sizes and shapes and can look good. However, they’ll not prevent bluing so when you consider them off, the issue it’s still there.

Preventing Bluing On Motorbike Exhausts

It seems sensible to attempt to prevent motorbike exhaust staining to begin with so the blue staining does not return. It is brought on by heat in the motorcycle’s exhaust and could be a sign your motorbike exhaust system is normally running too sizzling hot. This isn’t an usual issue but it is definitely something that needs to be investigated and rectified.

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It is definitely worth getting your bike checked over by a qualified mechanic at regular intervals to stop this problem from developing. If you carry out your bike maintenance yourself, you should look for indications that your bike’s engine is not running at ideal conditions.

The excessive heat that causes bluing is often caused by an engine operating lean. This makes it run at a higher temperature than normal and the exhaust gets excessively sizzling. Look for potential leaks in the junction where the system matches the engine. A tune-up can also help. Motorbike engines can operate sizzling hot if they are getting excessive air which means this needs to end up being investigated.

With some basic adjustments, you ought to be able to obtain the heat range of one’s body back within appropriate limits as well as your stainless exhaust searching its best once again.

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