Driving with Airbag Light: Is it Safe?

Suppose you are traveling to function when suddenly a reddish colored light flickers alive on your own dashboard. The reddish colored illustration of the driver with a big airbag before him catches your attention and makes you to draw over out of concern for your automobile. Everything is apparently normal the SRS light on your own dashboard continues to be on. The 1st question that may pop into your mind is going to be just how secure is it to operate a vehicle with an airbag light on? This query is valid therefore can be your concern, however before we answer your query, here is what you need to know about the airbag light in your car.

What’s an SRS Caution Light?

Your seatbelt isn’t the just safety net obtainable in your car. There is certainly another program that complements this product but it just appears when risk hits. This technique is recognized as the supplemental restraint program (SRS) and it settings the airbags within your automobile. This additional protection cushion has sensors that are put in strategic locations during your car and their work is to identify any dramatic and abrupt deceleration identical to that of the collision. The detectors identify this violent effect and immediately deliver a power charge towards the airbags, leading to these to deploy.

WHAT CAN CAUSE the Air Handbag Light to seem?

In common circumstances, dashboard lamps like the SRS mark appear for a short moment when you initially start the automobile and then vanish after a couple of seconds. This is simply the system carrying out a wellness check of its because of its built-in self-test system. An SRS caution generally makes an appearance when among the parts that participate in the restraint program is experiencing some kind of defect. This consists of the airbags, chair belt system, pc or the cables that hyperlink everything collectively.

  • Seatbelt Change Disturbance
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Occasionally, the airbag light shows up in your dashboard due to simple and easy to resolve issues. For example, something as small as a nickel could get stuck in the belt buckle and this, in turn, will interfere with the seatbelt switch. This interference will trigger a false warning that is directly connected to the airbag. The first thing you should do when the light flickers to life is to check and make sure that nothing is interfering with the switch.

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  • Faulty Airbag Clockspring

In the case of a damaged airbag clockspring, the thin circuit bands become frayed and prone to falling. These bands allow the steering wheel to do its job while sustaining its connection to its airbag, horn and electrical system. If the clockspring breaks, the airbag will fail to deploy.

  • Damaged Passenger Occupancy Sensor
your dashboard

The adjustable seats in your car have wires that connect it to the passenger occupancy sensor. Continuous adjustment of the seats makes these wires prone to getting disconnected and worn over time. Sticking things under the seat may also cause damage to those sensitive wires. In order to check if the sensor continues to be working, you need to check the ‘Traveler Airbag Off’ Sign. The light ought to be on if the chair is certainly passenger-free. If the chair is certainly occupied, the lighting will disappear, and therefore the airbags will work and prepared to do their work.

  • Drained Back-up Battery pack

The SRS program has its individual backup battery that’s designed to function during emergencies which includes collisions. The main car battery is responsible for charging it, but sometimes the main battery can get drained and this will negatively affect the SRS battery. A dead backup battery can also trigger the SRS lights in your car. Changing or replacing the battery should solve this problem and the airbag light will disappear because of this.

  • Prior Mishaps
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Minor mishaps can handle triggering the crash receptors in your vehicle but the influence itself might possibly not have been solid more than enough for the airbags to become deployed. This situation will not happen frequently nonetheless it could end up being among the explanations why the SRS light is certainly on in your vehicle.

  • Digital System Failing

Another uncommon scenario involves generating your car throughout a flood where in fact the risk of drinking water leakage is certainly high. If this takes place, the computerized program will be broken and lose the capability to read the airbags in your car. Other factors such as age, heat, and vibration can also cause the computer to fail.

Is it Safe to Drive with an Airbag Light On?

The airbag light can be a symptom of a serious problem that could rob you of a safety net when you need it most and that is why it should not be ignored. This is not to say that your car is unsafe to drive, but there is no need for you to gamble with your life. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when your safety net is not working at full capacity. In some cases, an SRS system that is not working at 100% will disable the airbags and they’ll not end up being deployed when a major accident happens.

So, could it be safe to operate a vehicle when the airbag light is certainly on? The reply is certainly no.

Despite the fact that there’s a slender chance the fact that airbags will end up being deployed when the caution light is certainly on, it really is still regarded an enormous risk to disregard it and expect the very best. The streets are filled with unpleasant surprises and placing your life as well as the lives of others in peril are not worthy of this risk.

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Currently, diagnosing the issue is easy. All you have to to do is certainly take your vehicle to the mechanic where the computer code will be diagnosed. This code will reveal what went wrong and will pave the way for resolving the issue and making the necessary repairs so you can get back on the road. Sometimes, a simple crash sensor reset is usually all it takes to get rid of the airbag warning light and regain confidence in your car’s safety system.

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