Best Way to Wash a Car Without Scratching It

Taking your vehicle for a car wash may seem a good way of keeping your car great and clean but actually it could be causing damage. Every car owner likes to drive a clean car but they don’t wash their cars themselves.

Leaving someone else to do the wash could leave your paintwork in trouble from scrapes and swirl marks. These days, you can’t even use the excuse of not having a hose pipe because some of the best waterless car wash formulas do not require water and even wash mitts .

Washing your own car takes little effort with the correct tools. The two main products that you should own is the best car wash soap you can get your hands on and a car pressure washer to remove tough dirt that clings to your car.

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Why Are Automated Car Washes Bad?

Automated car washes are of course popular because as the owner, you just need to sit in the car. However, automated car washes can cause more damage than good. Imagine how many cars go through the same automated wash every day before you go through. Your car will be using the same brushes/cloths that pick up dirt and are wiped over your car.

Automated car washes are also quite cheap and the owners will be wanting to make profit. This means they will cut corners when it comes to the products they use such as the car wash liquid. Some cleaners may be as well acidic and remove protecting wax.

If you fail to wash your vehicle yourself, make sure that you choose a hands washed business. Although that is still much less good as carrying it out yourself, it really is still much better than computerized washes. Consider the next when buying hands car clean:

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  • Washing region is included in shade
  • Make use of Two Bucket Technique
  • Make use of Clean Clean Mitts and Chamois
  • Drying Vehicles does not happen in direct sunlight


The above mentioned will make sure that your paintwork will not receive harm from an unhealthy car clean.

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Best Ways to Wash YOUR VEHICLE Safely

  1. Wash wheels first.
    Your wheels and tires will be the dirtiest part of your car. Therefore, by cleaning these first it will reduce the potential of dirt splashing onto your clean car panels. We highly recommend that you use a safe wheel cleaner for your type of wheels.
  2. Prepare washing equipment.
    Clean the buckets used to wash the wheels and get a completely different wash mitt prepared to clean the automobile. For washing your vehicle, you should abide by both bucket technique, which is key to ensuring minimal threat of damaging paintwork. Fill up both buckets using the suggested solution according to manufacturers suggestions of your selected car clean.
  3. Pre-wash your vehicle.
    You must never place your soapy clean mitt onto a dried out car. It has the result of massaging dirt into the bodywork. You can find fancy equipment you should use to pre-wash your car such as using a snow foam cannon wish is the best possible way to ensure any loose dirt is usually removed. However, for the majority of owners, a thorough rinse with the hose on every panel is good enough. I also spray the hose down all water scuttle drains to clear any dirt that may be blocking water.
  4. Start washing the roof first .
    Always wash your roof first because the dirt will move down the car, which you do not want to be around the clean sections.
  5. Clean other sections of the automobile .
    Continue steadily to wash all the panels of the automobile and ensure the automobile is kept moist before applying your soapy clean mitt. When cleaning the car, often start cleaning the -panel from the very best to underneath. Do not clean the bottom fifty percent of the -panel (the dirtiest) and shifting that dirt regress to something easier the -panel to wash the very best half. Always clean the mitt completely using both bucket technique.
  6. Dry out the automobile .
    Probably the most important part of the car washing process to avoid water spots, which are mineral deposits that etch into the cars paintwork. You can dry the car using many methods such as a leaf blower but I prefer using a completely clean microfiber car drying towel .
    Begin by drying the windows and mirrors first then move to the roof as water will most likely drip onto other panels. Dry your car using the least quantity of pressure feasible and making sure all drinking water is absorbed. Dry out your tires with a totally different specified chamois.
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Car Clean Scratched My Car HOW TO PROCEED?

Either you never have washed your vehicle for some time or another person washed your vehicle, you may see new scrapes or swirl marks. Sadly, the more you wash your car, the more risk you placed on the paintwork to getting scratched. Nevertheless following the appropriate method, the chance is very little.

In the event that you see scuff marks or swirl marks you possess two choices to rectify the defect. The initial option may be the completely take away the defect using car color nothing remover or via using several cutting substances that remove an extremely fine layer from the clear layer.


Your vehicle will always appear its greatest when its clean and there are specific methods to maintain it in this manner. The simplest way is by using car polish that works as a protecting barrier against all problems. You will be able to tell whether a car has been waxed by waiting for rain or pouring water onto the paintwork. A waxed car will repel any water and has the effect of beading.

Waxing will also make cleaning your car the next time less difficult and ensures there is no damage to your paintwork from your protective wax coating. We have examined the best waxes available on the market today that give the best results.

What is the Two Bucket Car Wash Method?

The two bucket method is definitely washing your car with 1 bucket filled with a soapy alternative and the various other with clean drinking water. After rinsing your vehicle to loosen the original dirt, utilize the clean mitt using the soapy car clean to wash the automobile. Once comprehensive, place the clean mitt in to the clean drinking water before placing back to the soap alternative . This will remove any dirt found from washing the automobile staying in the clean mitt.

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Repeating this technique through the entire car wash procedure will reduce the chance of swirl marks and scuff marks on your own paintwork. You are able to go one step further by getting yourself grit guard for your bucket that traps the dirt at the bottom of the bucket where your wash mitt can’t proceed.

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