5 Best Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Putting a roofing bike rack together with your automobile gives you to securely transport your bicycles and works with with all vehicles that have roofing racks installed. In comparison to alternatives, roofing racks haven't any visibility or pickup truck access problems.

The very best roof bicycle rack may be the Yakima Frontloader , which comes completely assembled through the box and offers zero connection with the framework of bicycle for ultimate safety.

Most roofing mounted bicycle racks include long guarantees and its own highly recommended to spend the little extra for the additional features. Both the Yakima and Thule bike racks will be the most graded for all those with expensive bicycles.

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Greatest Roof Bicycle Racks

If you're planning a street trip and curently have a rooftop cargo carrier set up, you remain able to make use of both at exactly the same time with some reshuffling. Nevertheless, make sure to check the pounds capacity from the roofing racks before adding all of the pounds.

Nearly all bicycle roof racks are designed to carry mountain and road bike wheels with a diameter of 20 to 29 inches. The width of the tire can sometimes be a issue but some brands sell an additional fat tire kit for those with fat tires.

For those that already have roof racks installed, using this type of bike rack is usually by far the best option. Below is usually a list of the best roof bike racks that are lightweight and secure the bike safely without causing damage.

Yakima Frontloader Bike Mount

Yakima are a reputable brand and the FrontLoader model mounts to the wheel of the bicycle and will not contact the body whatsoever . When launching, the bicycle will stay vertical since it rolls back to position in the rack.

It really is a universal roofing bike rack which will fit to nearly all roof racks. With regards to the bikes, there's a optimum car tire width of 3 in . and it'll accomdate bikes with wheels with the diameter of 20 to 29 ins. Even if you have disc brakes, thru axles and custom suspension, this is no issue for the Yakima FrontLoader.

In terms of the installation, it is completely tool-free and the roof bike rack comes preassembled from your box for simplicity. Configuring the rack to work easily with your bike is easy to with flexible arms.

The Yakima FrontLoader comes with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind and overall, it is the best roof mounted bike rack you can buy. As you'll expect, it can come at reduced but it is normally a worthwhile expenditure.

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Thule ProRide Car Roof Bicycle Rack

The Thule ProRide may be the primary competitor towards the Yakima which model is normally their most recent. It includes a exclusive body holder and steering wheel holder that immediately positions your bicycle when guaranteed . Unlike the Yakima choice, the ProRide will hook up to the body of the bicycle but it will so properly with because of a torque limiter dial where you can control the push going to the framework.

On top of the torque dial, this roof bike rack uses large and smooth claw pads to securely apply pressure therefore reducing the risk of damage to the framework. The claws also use an extended lower jaw to increase the security of mounting.

Overall, it is the best roof bike rack that connects to your frame safely without causing any damage. As its been designed by Thule, it comes built to the highest quality and will last many years to arrive.

RockyMounts TieRod Roof Mounted Bicycle Rack

The RockyMounts give a wide selection of roofing bike racks to match different bicycles. The TieRod model can be a low profile, solid metallic head that may fit nearly all crossbars. It really is a stainless construction with an extended toss and lockable quick launch for easy launching and unloading your bicycles.

Unlike the Tomahawk model below, it really is only suitable for wheel tires of 2.7 inches but it will be compatible with disc and standard brake systems.

You are also able to choose a range of colors that include black, blue and silver. The best part about the RockyMounts TieRod is the affordability as its almost half the price of the Thule and Yakima alternatives. It is by far the best roof bike rack for the money but not suitable for fat tires but the Tomahawk model below is ideal for this.

RockyMounts Tomahawk Fats Bike Prepared

The Straight Support Tomahawk by RockMounts can be suitable for fat bicycles with wheels as wide as 5 ins . It really is more expensive how the alternatives however when you must element in buying an adapter to match tires bigger than 3 ins, it really is still an inexpensive method of transporting your hill bike.

RockyMounts also have designed this Tomahawk model to have zero contact with the frame . Instead, it hooks over the front wheel with a ratchet and the wheels are held down by wheel straps. This roof bike rack will work with 99% of roof racks from round, square, factory, aero and others.

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As with the majority of roof mounted bicycle racks, there's a steering wheel size limit of 20 to 29 in . , which is ideal for nearly all bikes. Overall, it's the greatest roof mounted bicycle rack for fats bikes with no need of purchasing a supplementary adapter, which may be fairly costly.

CyclingDeal Bike Roof Rack

If you are looking for a cheap roof bike rack , then the CyclingDeal is the one to go for. Unlike many of the cheap alternatives, this uses a steel powder coated construction with a lockable feature to ensure the bike is strongly secure whilst driving.

It is compatible with tires as wide as 3 inches and uses an upright mount to connect to the frame . If you are using a cheap roof mounted bike rack, you are probably not bothered with the risk of frame damage but if you are, we highly recommend looking at the Yakima or Thule alternatives.

Overall, it is an affordable roof bike rack that will do the job in hand securely and will save you money. There may be small bicycle wobble whilst generating but the hair and link down straps will totally secure the bicycle towards the rack.

Roof Bicycle Rack Buying Information

When you have currently set up a roofing rack program to your vehicle, attaching a roofing bicycle rack is rather straight forward. Almost all just click direct onto the rack without problems and requires a matter of secs. A very important thing concerning this particular kind of bicycle rack is certainly that its the least expensive set alongside the trunk bicycle rack and hitch bicycle rack alternatives.

There are a few factors that you have to consider before jumping straight at the first roof bike rack you find. Below is an in-depth buying guideline that should help you with your purchasing decision.

Tire Width

Most roofing mounted bicycle racks will end up being suitable for the typical bikes however, not everyone includes a “regular” bike and several could have a wider car tire width. Bikes such as for example “Fat Bicycles” can possess tires that period at least 5 in . wide, which may be a issue.

There are a few roofing bicycle racks that focus on wide tires like the RockyMounts Tomahawk but Thule and Yakima perform offer adapters because of this. The just issue is that you'll have to pay out reduced and the entire cost from the roofing bike rack can be quite expensive.

Frame Contact

People that own expensive bikes will be very cautious when it comes to choosing which roof bike rack. The main thing you should look out for is whether or not the rack secures the bike via the framework as this has the potential to cause damage if it does.

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The Yakima and RockyMounts Tomahawk both have zero contact with the framework but the Thule alternate does have many features that make the risk very minimal.


Removal of the Front Wheel

Removing the front wheel is required for any fork mounted bike roof rack but for many people, this may not be ideal. Having to dismantle your steering wheel each time you are carrying your bike could be a discomfort and particularly if you aren't that great with equipment.

However, that said it is even more stable when compared to a steering wheel/frame holding choice and usually very much cheaper. The RockyMounts TieRod can be an exemplory case of the cheapness but in the event that you rather not really take the steering wheel off, keeping the standard roofing mounted bicycle rack is simply as great but obviously, more costly.

Launching and Removal of Bicycles

The primary disadvantage of the roof mounted bike rack is the fact that you need to lift your bike on top of your roof. If you have a heavy bike, this is quite a struggle and its critical that loading the bike onto the rack is as simply as it can be.

This means no silly locks or awkward features that you have to tackle whilst holding your bike on top of the roof.

Many roof bike racks possess cleverly designed framework holders and steering wheel trays that produce your bike basically position itself instantly. That is a featureof the Thule ProRider and it creates launching and removal of the bicycles through the rack easier.




Roof racks aren’t as well-known as the alternatives because they are more challenging to use, make height restriction problems and gets the potential to lessen fuel overall economy by causing extra drag. However, there is no need any trunk gain access to or problems with invert car parking as you possess clear visibility and they're very much cheaper.

Keeping the high quality brands such as Yakima and Thule will be the best investment but not everyone will want to spend the extra for the reputable branding. Mid range is the RockyMounts, which are gaining popularity around the world and for good reason with excellent value for money and good built quality.

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