5 Best LED Number Plate Bulbs

Improving the light bulbs that reduce your amount dish to LED is normally a basic modification which makes a siginificant difference . LED amount plate light bulbs are fairly inexpensive to purchase and will be installed within a few minutes with basic tools.

The best LED license plate bulbs are the Philips Vision LED Festoon Bulb that generates a 6,000K xenon white light and has a guaranteed life-span of 12 years.

LED festoon lights are the standard fit for the majority of car quantity plates and have a range of sizes available. Simply switching from your old halogen bulb to a festoon quantity plate bulb will provide a more modern and clean look.

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Best LED Festoon Lights

High quality LED bulbs that fit straight into your number plate holders are offer many benefits . These includes an aggressive clean xenon white color that is much brighter, long lasting, lower temperature, energy saving and other benefits.

Upgrading to LED festoon bulbs is potentially one of the cheapest methods to make your car look more modern from the rear. The majority of high end cars will already have these lights installed but its great to have backup bulbs.

Choosing the brightest festoon bulb is not always the correct choice in terms of quality. Below is a list of the best LED license plate bulbs that will provide the white xenon look and provide long lasting light.

Philips Festoon Bright White LED light

Philips are a high quality automotive bulb producer which have a status for construction and efficiency. The festoon lights that they provide can last at least 12 years which can be guaranteed.

With instant-on features, response time can be fast plus they can be utilized all over the car from the inside to the permit plates. These festoon lights create a very shiny 6,000K white xenon light and can provide a dependable LED light.

There's a selection of sizes from 30mm, 38mm and 43mm for each and every license plate light bulb holder. Overall, it is the best LED license plate bulb with the backing of Philips 12 year guarantee and a modern xenon white light.

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Yorkim Error Free LED Bulbs

Yorkim are a premium lighting manufacturer that produce a range of interior and exterior bulbs for car enthusiasts looking to upgrade. The GX-4014 LED number plate light bulbs does not produce canbus errors and it offers one years guarantee, which is rather impressive for an inexpensive bulb.

You can find three sizes obtainable including 31mm, 36mm and 42/41mm that create a color temperatures of 6,500K . With regards to the power, these are 300% brighter compared to the standard OEM halogen bulb and has an immediate response.

The Yorkim festoon bulbs are one of the brightest LED license plate bulbs for those looking for the xenon white look. There are many cheaper bulbs but none come close in terms of build and material quality.


Sylvania produce a range of automotive bulbs with the DE3175 (Festoon) bulb producing super bright white 6,000K white light . The over engineered thermal management guarantees performance and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The bulb will fit in the majority of license plate holders where it is shock and vibration proof for extended durability.

Overall, the SYLVANIA ZEVO DE3175 Festoon bulb provides a bright 180 amount of light and provides excellent guarantee for satisfaction . It really is a pricey festoon because they are marketed individually however the life time warranty helps it be worthy of while.

SHLight LED Car Permit Plate Light bulb

The SHLight festoon light bulbs are canbus mistake free and will be used to get a selection of car interior light and undoubtedly, number plate light. Each bulb provides 6 super shiny 3030 SMD potato chips that generate the xenon white appear that is extremely desirable.

They certainly are a inexpensive LED light bulb but provides top quality features such as for example aluminum heat kitchen sink on one aspect and continuous current generating IC for a lot more lighting. The temperatures color is usually 6,000K where the beam angle is at 180 degrees.

These LED license plate bulbs also come with 1 years warranty, which for a cheap bulb is pretty impressive. Overall, it is the best cheap LED festoon bulb for your cars license plate.

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SiriusLED Extremely Bright Festoon Light bulb

The Festoon Light bulbs by SiriusLED give a 100 % pure white 6,000K shiny light , which really is a direct swap together with your previous OEM light bulb. Obtainable in T10, 31mm, 36mm and 41mm sizes, there's a festoon light bulb in most of vehicle permit plate light bulb holders.


The light bulbs have aluminum high temperature sink and so are made to be resilient using a a single years guarantee for satisfaction. The universal meet and construction of these light bulbs make them extremely popular worldwide.

General, the SiriusLED festoon light bulbs certainly are a great all rounder with a variety of sizes, exceptional xenon white light, warranty and great value for money.

LED Quantity Plate Lights Buying Guideline

Festoon lights or DE3175 are the bulbs used to lighten up your number plate during the night. The majority of vehicles will have a cheaper halogen bulb in order to brighten up the number plate.

Improving to a xenon white LED license plate bulb will modernize the rear of your plate and is a direct replacement. Like with any changes, there are a few factors you should consider before purchasing.

Canbus Error Free

An error message appearing after fitting a new light bulb to your car can be very irritating. You have the choice to use the fresh LED bulb with the error message or have the hassle of acquiring the bulb back again out and coming back the light bulb, which is rather frustrating.

The Canbus mistake allows elements to communicate through an individual or dual networked data bus. Because of LED light bulbs using hardly any power , some car computer systems may detect which the bulb is damaged and will after that show a caution light.

A Canbus mistake free bulb have got built-in insert resistors that prevent any mistake codes or caution lights appearing. Every one of the suggested led festoon light bulbs above possess canbus error free of charge functionality. If you're driving a vintage car, the necessity for this efficiency is not important but the most people will choose the traditional halogen style if you're a true classic car lovers.

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Bulb Installation

Installation can be achieved within minutes depending upon your car. The hardest part of the installation is removing or getting to the bulbs via the license plate holders. The majority of the cars uses a simple screwdriver to pull the lenses over the bulbs.

Once you have got to the bulb, its a direct swap unless you have bought the wrong size festoon bulb. Usually it will require a bit of a push to get the bulb in. If it is not working, try switching the sides over (flipping horizontally). Another common mistake are many people will point the 180 degree of light the wrong way (facing upwards and not downwards at the license plate).

LED v Halogen Bulbs

The benefits of LED lights continues to be widely discussed with performance, dependability, instant light and several other benefits. Improving towards the greatest LED headlight lights you may get the hands on may be the most common newbie modifications. However, setting up xenon white permit plate lights are even much easier and provide a fantastic white light guiding your automobile..

Switching the lights provides a contemporary/stylish look, even more light guiding the automobile and additional benefits. The primary reason for the update is normally for the added design that may make such a notable difference on particular makes and versions.


Spending that tiny bit more on canbus error license plate bulbs that produce solid xenon white light is worthwhile. Cheaply made festoon bulbs can begin to flicker after a few hundred miles of use as well as giving off a poor quality white light. Many claim to be canbus error free but you can use a professional diagnostic tool to try to remove the light bulb error with no luck.

We strongly recommend choosing a high quality LED license plate bulb such as the Philips Vision white festoon bulb that provides a 12 year guarantee and has the backing of the Philips brand reputation.

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